Stories your jam? I’ve got a good one

I’m Mama to a great big creative tribe. 6 kids, 1 husband. We’re all artists and lovers of random, living fulltime in a tiny home on wheels. Hello triple decker bunk beds!

7 years ago, I was living a completely different life.
I was stuck in a vicious cycle of poor mental health and overwhelmed with the details of my calling as a wife, mama, and creative.

I’d struggled with debilitating OCD, anxiety, and depression since I was 10. It was a nightmare with no end in sight.
So faith became my anchor, family- my support, and art- my expression.

But not truly understanding what was going on, I developed some really unhealthy and skewed coping mechanisms. And soon just about very thing was a trigger.

After marrying and having kids, it was evident that my collected method of dealing with life wasn’t working.
I was on medicine that helped the typical OCD symptoms tremendously but still left much to be desired.

I was angry, uptight, controlling, and had no capacity for maintaining good marital and family relationships. Yet we looked just fine from the outside in! I ministered at our local church, led meeting and groups, and kept up appearances.

But our family dynamic was failing. Our kids were sneaking around, lying, and defiant. As parents we gave long lectures and sage advice that had our littles rolling their eyes and doing the exact opposite.
Long story short, their hearts were turned away from us and we had no idea how to change that unsettling reality.

Then in a series of small divine moments, I saw myself as I truly was.
It can only be explained as a God thing. He set me free, guiding me through the shedding of old mindsets and patterns that were keeping me from living joyfully and spiritually healthy.

It may have started with me, but it quickly became a snowball effect in the rest of the family! Over the next few years there was a lot of trial and error as our family healed.
Incredible! And often messy. And then steadily, we began to see change. In ourselves, our marriage, and in our family dynamic.

And then a few of our littles began dealing with the same OCD symptoms as me. Not wanting them to go through their childhood wracked with these awful conditions, we put them on meds in hopes it would help. It did. But not fully. In fact, The oppositional defiance behaviors in one of our sons, hit new heights.

That and the feeling there was a deeper issue causing all these health problems, led to tons of research and the ultimate realization that pretty much every physical and mental symptom our family experienced could be linked to Gut Health.

We tried lots of stuff. Diet changes, supplements, and all the things. But it was so dang expensive and with no proven results that these methods could consistently cure our specific symptoms, we stopped.

We loosely continued to eat gluten/ sugar free and low carb, (loosely for the grown ups, strict for the kids) because when including those things in the kids diet especially, the anger, aggressive, and mental health symptoms got way worse.

Our family relationship was thriving as we continued to work on it, but as far as our health went, we were just maintaining. the troubling symptoms weren’t any worse, but they definitely weren’t getting better.

That’s when we found the natural supplements we now take. My husband and I started for weight loss, and got so much more than we ever could have imagined! Within a couple weeks, the brain fog we didn’t realize we had, was gone. Our moods were light, I was sleeping good again, and there was no more joint pain or chronic body aches (again, I didn’t know how much of a problem these were until they were gone!) and soon, Keith waved goodbye to the month long, chronic migraines he’d had since I’d known him.

Next we got all our kids started and soon the anxiety, depression, lingering OCD symptoms, defiant aggressiveness, moodiness and even irregular bathroom probs (too much poo/ not enough poo) became almost non existent.

With our health and family relationships on track, our days are smoother, and our outlook is so much sunnier!

I’m so thankful for this life of ours and for each new learning curve that produces better character and more trust in God!


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