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Look at those faces! 😆 all that squishy stuff! The other day our two oldest daughters led the 4 younger kids in making fresh pumpkin purée. They all worked together to carved, seed, pressure cook (for only 6 min! These machines are genius!), prepare it for the freezer, and they even cleaned up! It was so messy

Of Fish and Joy

Sometimes you reel in so many big juicy fish, that your skills amaze even you. And sometimes all you catch is your shoe…..while it’s still attached to your foot. Mama said there’d be days like this…..and days like that. We can’t control all the things, but we CAN control how we react to them. Emotions

Life On The Fringe

I think often when we step out and follow a divine call or purpose, we feel like we’re suddenly outsiders. . And we see that as a negative. . But what we don’t realize is that living on the fringe of society puts us in a unique position to influence the world around us. .

Kid Got Candida?

Did you know that Candida Overgrowth  symptoms often resemble symptoms of other diseases?! That means that a child with too much Candida can be mislabeled or misdiagnosed with conditions such as •Hyperactivity (ADD) •Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) •Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD) 🦠CANDIDA OVERGROWTH SYMPTOMS in KIDS •Violent outbursts and behaviors •Behavioral and learning difficulties •Irritability •Laughing

Do You Have Chromium Deficiency?

Do you LOOOOVE broccoli? 🥦 I hope so! Broccoli contains an essential trace mineral called CHROMIUM. 1cup of 🥦 contains about 22mcg of chromium. Sounds good! But it’s recommended that you get 200-1000mcg DAILY. Sounding a little harder? That’d be like eating 9 cups of broccoli every day! 😲 Do YOU feel like eating 9 cups of 🥦? Or maybe you’re

The Model Parent

Ever had those weeks where everything seems harder? This week, all my “go to’s” were “no go’s”, and all my attempts at brightening my mood, fell flat. Every part of me has felt on edge- even my hair seemed to vibrate with my annoyance! The tiniest of frailties in others set me off as if

Perspective Shift

Perspective: Are the walls closing in on you or are they embracing you with comfy coziness? How much do we actually need to be content?  My heart used to flutter at the thought of adding more to my vast array of collections, I had so many tidbits and odds and ends-I had no clue what I

Mama Drama

“STOP! There’s an easier way……” which was the gaping wide gate a few feet over, hidden by a tree.😆 Doing stuff the hard way comes natural but learning from our own and other’s mistakes takes work! It’s called being teachable or coachable- something we are constantly working on in our family. It means NOT shutting