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Kid Got Candida?

Did you know that Candida Overgrowth  symptoms often resemble symptoms of other diseases?! That means that a child with too much Candida can be mislabeled or misdiagnosed with conditions such as •Hyperactivity (ADD) •Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) •Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD) 🦠CANDIDA OVERGROWTH SYMPTOMS in KIDS •Violent outbursts and behaviors •Behavioral and learning difficulties •Irritability •Laughing

Do You Have Chromium Deficiency?

Do you LOOOOVE broccoli? 🥦 I hope so! Broccoli contains an essential trace mineral called CHROMIUM. 1cup of 🥦 contains about 22mcg of chromium. Sounds good! But it’s recommended that you get 200-1000mcg DAILY. Sounding a little harder? That’d be like eating 9 cups of broccoli every day! 😲 Do YOU feel like eating 9 cups of 🥦? Or maybe you’re