Of Fish and Joy

Sometimes you reel in so many big juicy fish, that your skills amaze even you.

And sometimes all you catch is your shoe…..while it’s still attached to your foot.

Mama said there’d be days like this…..and days like that. We can’t control all the things, but we CAN control how we react to them.

Emotions and feelings are legitimate. But we don’t have to wallow in an annoyed state of mind all the day long.

Feelings are not the boss.

But I know what your thinking… “but it’s soooooo hard!”…..because I myself once held the gold medal in Victim Mentality.

And still I can slip into that alternate reality, easily.

I’ll be reading a post about someone excelling in their business or career, and instantly the cold slime of “poor me”, begins to creep into my thoughts. I think it’s probably green.

My throat constricts, and that oozy

mess seeps through to my chest.

 Right about there I pull the emergency breaks. “HALT!” I tell myself. “Another’s joy does not diminish my own- duh!”

Joy comes from trusting the ONE who is over the moon in love with us- the God who equips us to do big things, who never sleeps on the job, and never tires of holding our hearts.

So there I’ll be, thoughts unruly, throat burning, and chest tightening- all in a matter of seconds! Because It only takes a moment to fill my self made pool of depression and apathy.

But I’ve learned a valuable lesson….. before I start skulking around with that organic “woe is me” attitude, I can nip it in the bud before it takes root.

1. Force smile on face (this only works on one’s own expression- don’t try it on anyone else….)

2. Take a deep, fortifying breath and choose joy (the Bible calls this, a Garment Of Praise).

 It’s an outward expression of placing our confidence in Jesus, which catapults our decision making skills into a whole other dimension.

In short, having a good day largely depends on our attitude. And our attitude improves with the decision to trust in God’s ability to be Him. Turns out, we’re just as capable of a good day as we are of a bad one.

Why do we need joy?

Because we stink with out it. Joy refreshes our resolve, and washes the bitterness from our unruly hearts. I don’t know about you, but a garment of praise sounds way more vogue than a spirit of heaviness.

That gloomy dress code is so last season.

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