Look at those faces! 😆 all that squishy stuff!

The other day our two oldest daughters led the 4 younger kids in making fresh pumpkin purée. They all worked together to carved, seed, pressure cook (for only 6 min! These machines are genius!), prepare it for the freezer, and they even cleaned up!

It was so messy and so great!

I love these sticky moments- where we can see the ongoing results of God’s parenting methods in real time.

I thought teen years were supposed to be full of angst and rebellion!

Instead we are seeing such growth and maturity as our two oldest actively pursue good relationships with family, leaning into their own God given identity.

No, it’s not smooth sailing at all times, there’s still misunderstandings, squabbles, and attitudes, but parenting by God’s design

Makes such an amazing difference!

If you’re struggling, or feel like it’s too late because your kids are almost grown…..remember, God is a God of second chances! Jonah can testify to that!

We’re never too far gone to change the “temperature” of our family relationships.

I believe that how well or poorly we learn is in direct response to the temp of our most important relationships.

For instance, our kids never responded well when we operated in a self-focused, tyrant kind of way. We couldn’t figure out why they blatantly disregarded our instruction and wisdom while others outside of our family received so well and even came to us for council.

But our own family saw the daily proof that while we weren’t against them, we also weren’t fully for them. There was so much broken trust, misunderstandings and feelings of not “being known”, that drowned out their ability to learn from us.

Change started as we submitted our own will to God’s. We got into a sort of cadence where He’d reveal stuff, we’d repent, and then go to our kids asking for their forgiveness.

And then the “temps” began to change…….drastically.

During that period there were equal parts joy and frustration, plus moments of pure devastation as some situations/problem areas were brought to light in our kids’ lives.

But if I could tell my younger self anything, I’d say “Smile! These are opportunities to change the course of your family’s life! There’s so much good on the other side of this process!”

I love how He opens our eyes to not only see the direct results of our mistakes but also the life changing outcome of employing His methods.

It’s a constant process, this parenting thing. We’re learning and growing, (messing up / trying again) always working on and aware of our current “temperature”….not willing to ever go back to how it was before.

Parenting by God’s design doesn’t produce perfect children; it nurtures good relationship that points them back to the Father.

Mama, you are uniquely designed and equipped to raise your children well! But that doesn’t mean it’s easy! Just because we have what it takes, doesn’t mean we always know how to use it. But God does and He’s incredible at on the job training- when we’re bent on being coach-able.

Do you ever feel at a loss for what to do in your family? Drop it in the comments below- I want to pray with you!

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