The Model Parent

Ever had those weeks where everything seems harder?
This week, all my “go to’s” were “no go’s”, and all my attempts at brightening my mood, fell flat.
Every part of me has felt on edge- even my hair seemed to vibrate with my annoyance!
The tiniest of frailties in others set me off as if I was killing it in the perfection department myself!
I messed up and asked for forgiveness so many times, I lost count.

And amazingly, Jesus has been my constant. Gently showing me how to parent, how to wife, and how to love others like He does.

He never shames or gives up. Never shies away from the ugly attitudes and actions.

What a parent! And you know what? His way works, His method is so effective that even someone acting like a grown up toddler, can be wooed back to His heart.

I love how His example sets us up to parent in an actual successful way!
We can hold everything up to it- if He wouldn’t do it or say it, then we don’t do it or say it.

No other method has ever worked for us. And with 6 kids our oldest almost 18, we’ve gone through quite a bit of trial and error!

This week brought it back to stark reality for me. How can I expect my kids to be teachable when I’m not being teachable myself?

If our own heart stays hardened to God’s coaching, refusing to lay down our pride in exchange for peace, It’s a given that our kids will most likely follow suit.

Leaning on His power and His strength to turn in my frustrations, anger, perfectionism, and selfishness to the ONE who can actually do something about them, was the key.

Peace is good. I highly recommend it!

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