Do You Have Chromium Deficiency?

Do you LOOOOVE broccoli? 🥦 I hope so!

Broccoli contains an essential trace mineral called CHROMIUM. 1cup of 🥦 contains about 22mcg of chromium.

Sounds good! But it’s recommended that you get 200-1000mcg DAILY.

Sounding a little harder? That’d be like eating 9 cups of broccoli every day! 😲

Do YOU feel like eating 9 cups of 🥦?

Or maybe you’re not worried about chromium. Neither was I. Till I learned what Chromium deficiency can look like …😳

– Low energy, fatigue

– High cholesterol levels

– Sugar or starchy food cravings

– High triglyceride levels

– Hypoglycemia (chronically low blood sugar levels)

– Diabetes (while diabetes is linked to other factors too, a chromium deficiency is often implicated)

Eating 9 cups of broccoli a day isn’t realistic for me (or my family!).

My daily supplement drink has the recommended chromium in it PLUS other nutrients and prebiotics – working together to help me feel happier and healthier.

And it makes my health journey EASIER. And as a busy mom and wife, I’m ALL ABOUT “easier”!

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